A young woman was shot dead in a car on the UAB campus


 The Jefferson County Medical Examiners Bureau identified the shooting victim on the UAB campus as a 20-year-old from Destiny Washington in Truffville.

Investigators believe Washington was shot in a car in the parking lot of UAB University’s Hill Center.

The police said that she was then transferred to the Children’s Hospital at around 9:30 in a private car, where the medical staff declared her death.

The investigators work to find out the motive.

Washington graduated in 2018 from Clay Chalkville High School and was a student enrolled in the nursing program at Lawson Community Government College.

The college told ABC 33/40 that she was an excellent student and preparing to graduate with an associate degree in May 2021.

Former Washington high school principal Michael Lee remembers her as a brilliant student with an infectious smile.

He told me, “Brighten up the room, add brightness to the hallway, and you remember these children who communicate with you and try to build a relationship with you and that was the kind of fate that it was.”

Glisa Williams met Washington at Lawson School of Nursing.

The two were immediately bonded.

“She was really ripe, her head was straight, goal-oriented, just about someone as cool as the best friend you can have,” said Williams.


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