A Frenchman commits suicide and kills his wife after being held hostage


The French gendarmerie confirmed the end of the hostage-taking incident in the town of Dumont in the Val d’Oise region, north of Paris, after they found the bodies of the hostage and the kidnapper.

An armed man kidnapped his wife as a hostage inside the headquarters of the company he was running, while other people were inside the building. The Gendarmerie Rapid Response Forces unit arrived at the scene.

The shooting injured at least two people, according to sources, “Agence France Presse.”

After about two hours, it was confirmed that the incident had ended, as it appeared that the gunman committed suicide and killed his wife.

The man faced charges of domestic violence, and there was a divorce process going on between him and his wife.

The French media indicated that the local public prosecutor had opened an investigation into the incident in accordance with the articles of “kidnapping” and “armed violence” and others.


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