A 13-year-old child raped his 3-year-old neighbor


Police said a 13-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly raping his three-year-old neighbor while watching porn on his mobile phone in Thane District, Maharashtra state.

Officials said the boy was arrested shortly after the girl’s mother reported the crime to the police and sent to the remand home.

Inspector Vibhav Shingari of Kashimira Police Station said the girl was with her grandmother in the apartment opposite the boy, where her mother was going out to buy fruit.

Police said the class 8 student asked the child’s grandmother if he could see her, took her home and then sexually assaulted her. As soon as the little girl started crying, her mother came back and started knocking on the boy’s apartment.

Police added that he had opened the door and the mother realized that her daughter had been raped. The boy was alone in the house as his mother went out to drive his brother to the classroom.


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