2-years-old child turns herself in to the police in Florida


Pensacola, fl

A video clip of a two-year-old girl caused a sensation, after she appeared walking towards the police with her hands up

Police official in Tallahassee, Florida, Michael Delio, explained that the child had automatically imitated her arrested parents, according to “Fox News”.

The policeman in charge spoke to the child, asking her to lower her hands, telling her, “You are safe. Go to your mother.”

The police arrested the child’s parents, after receiving a report of the crime of theft using a weapon.

The police had to provide clarification about the video to deny itself the charge of having a child to walk with her hands raised like any suspect in the legal adult stage.

It is reported that a weapon was found inside the parents’ car, and they were charged with armed robbery of a clothes store.


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