12 Killed in random shooting in Virginia Beach


Pensacola, fl

Virginia Beach Police announced the name of the gunman who killed 12 people and wounded 4 others in a local administration building, adding that he was a disaffected engineer with the city administration.

Virginia Beach Chief of Police said during a press conference that he will name the Virginia shooting perpetrator only once because city authorities want to focus on the victims.

He added that the militant had been working in the city’s public facilities management for about 15 years. Cervera declined to mention any possible motive for the crime, but said they had seized other weapons at the scene and in the suspect’s home.

On Friday, Dwayne Craddock, an employee of the local administration, attacked a government compound in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in eastern USA, and fired “indiscriminately” in an attack that killed 12 people and injured 4 others, according to police. The attacker was killed in an exchange of fire with policemen who rushed to the scene, in a scene that “can be described as a battlefield,” according to the police chief.

He added that the attacker entered a Virginia Beach municipality building at about four in the afternoon and immediately began shooting all the victims randomly.

One of the victims was killed outside the building, near his car, while the other victims were found on the three floors of the building.

The assailant was armed with a .45 caliber pistol fitted with a silencer and the tank of bullets was emptied several times

He added, “Through the sound of bullets,” it was possible to locate the shooter, explaining that the policemen clashed with him, and I can say that the battle lasted for a long time.

He continued by saying that the police were able to prevent this person from committing a larger massacre in that building

The casualty toll includes a policeman who was saved thanks to his bulletproof vest, and the other eleven injured were municipal employees, four of whom were seriously injured.

This includes Virginia Beach City Hall, which has a population of about 450 thousand people and is located about 300 kilometers south of Washington. Administrative offices and public facilities in the coastal city may reach the number of employees at any time 400 people.


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