Washington abandoning the border fence with Mexico would save $ 2.6 billion


The Washington Post said a possible abandonment by the incoming Joe Biden administration of building the fence on the US-Mexico border would save $ 2.6 billion for the budget.

The newspaper added that the administration of incumbent President Donald Trump has obtained about 15 billion dollars to build the fence, which is enough to complete the construction of a section of it with a length of 1.2 thousand km. According to the authorities, by the end of this year, about 724.2 km of the fence will be completed.

According to the newspaper’s estimates, after Biden’s inauguration, $ 3.3 billion will remain in the fund that was created to build the wall, and in the event that the new president terminates contracts with construction companies immediately, the state will have to pay these companies about $ 700 million. This will save 2.6 billion dollars of this money.

Earlier Biden stated that

Earlier, Biden stated that he would not finish building the border fence with Mexico, which has a length of 3.14 thousand kilometers.


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