More than 30 US states file a monopoly lawsuit against “Google”


A group of 38 states and territories filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, the third of its kind against the company since the beginning of the fall.

The states requested to merge their claims into one filed by the Department of Justice, according to the Colorado State Attorney’s Office.

The states joined the federal government’s lawsuit accusing the $ 1 trillion giant of breaking the law to maintain its dominant position in the internet search and advertising sector.

Google is accused of preventing its competitors from accessing the market and unfairly promoting its sites.

These cases, along with two others against the social media giant Facebook this month, are expected to become the biggest antitrust lawsuits for decades, not less than those that Microsoft faced in 1998 and which is believed to have paved the way for the explosive growth of the Internet.

It is noteworthy that the lawsuits are supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, in a rare case of consensus between the two political camps, which have expressed their concerns about monopoly, in addition to Republican President Donald Trump’s own concerns about “discrimination” against supporters of the conservative movement and its supporters.


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