A Pennsylvania court forces a woman to return a card that won a grand prize


A court obliged a store employee in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to return the winning lottery ticket, after it was found that she had obtained it illegally.

Beverly Zeltzer took over the job as a saleswoman in her shift in the Acme supermarket, and during that she noticed a set of unsold lottery tickets after the results of the draw were announced and between these cards was the card that won the grand prize of $ 4.15 million.

Immediately, the lady bought a card of the new edition worth 10 dollars and put it in place of the winning card in the unsold card group and took the winning card for herself

In the surveillance cameras, the saleswoman appeared taking the winning card with her

After that, she went to the prize exchange office to receive the prize money, but the lottery administration discovered that the winning card was not actually sold and refused to pay it, but the seller filed a lawsuit against this administration and demanded that the prize be paid to her.

A hearing was held in Zelzer’s case during the hearing. The judge indicated that Zelzer had stolen the ticket and obliged her to return it.


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