A nurse loses consciousness after receiving the Corona vaccine


Nurse Tiffany Dover lost consciousness during a press interview, after receiving the “Pfizer” anti-corona virus vaccine in a Tennessee hospital

The accident happened during an interview that the woman gave after she was vaccinated

The nurse told reporters that she became dizzy and then lost consciousness

During the interview, Dover said, “You know, all of the staff here are very happy to receive the vaccine, and I know it’s really … sorry, I feel very dizzy,” and after that I lost consciousness.

For their part, the doctors confirmed, “This case is not related to the components of the vaccine, and that the woman confirmed, after recovering, that she suffers from fainting states sometimes when she feels pain.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stressed that “the state of loss of consciousness can occur as a result of various types of vaccinations or medical procedures, usually due to pain or anxiety.”

the United States announced the start of a vaccination campaign against the emerging corona virus, in a number of states, to start in others later.


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