4 killed in Jersey City shooting, including a police officer


Four people, including a police officer, were killed in a shootout in Jersey City

The incident began near a cemetery in a residential neighborhood and ended with a long gun battle between police and two suspects holed up inside a Jewish grocery store.

Officials said the two suspects were killed in the clash.

It all started when officers clashed with two seemingly suspicious people near the cemetery. Veteran Detective Joseph Sells died of wounds sustained at that location.

Then the suspects fled in a stolen truck to a kosher grocery store, where they locked themselves up and spent hours exchanging gunfire with police and other law enforcement officers. After the shootout, Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly said five people were found dead in the store, including two believed to be suspects.

Officials initially said there was “no indication of terrorism,” but Jersey City Mayor Stephen Fulop tweeted later Tuesday night that after a preliminary investigation, authorities believed the suspects “targeted the location where they attacked.”

Mayor announced on Twitter that after the initial investigation, authorities now believe the suspects deliberately chose the location of their attack.

Based on our preliminary investigation (which is still ongoing), we now believe that the active shooters targeted the location they attacked, “Fulop wrote.” Due to extra caution, the community may see additional police resources in the coming days / weeks. We have no indication of any other threats. “

It was not clear if Fulube was referring to a kosher grocery store, or what would make investigators suspect any location was intentionally targeted. Fulop said that more information would be provided


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