A man shot dead in Florida


Deputies say a man was shot dead in the province of Escambia in the afternoon.

The deputies of the province of Escambia were summoned around 2 pm. To No. 100 of Concordia Street.

Upon their arrival, they found a man who had been fatally shot.

Investigators searched inside and outside the home for hours.

There were more than a dozen crime scene signs on the lawn.

The sheriff’s office has released very little of this investigation.

They did not identify the person who died, but they said it was a black man.

There is no word yet about the motive.

Anyone with contact information for CrimeStoppers or the Escambia County Police Department is required.

A fatal shooting occurred in the province of Escambia late Tuesday night. A man was shot dead and another was taken to hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.


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