Victim receives 118 stabbed by her son


A woman suffered more than 100 stab wounds when she was found dead in her home, according to an investigation.

Joanna Thompson, 50, was also strangled and died of neck wounds at a home in Humpdon, Hampshire

Her son Rowan Thompson, 18, confessed to the manslaughter, but was found dead in a safe mental health unit before his murder was tried

An investigation into Ms. Thompson’s death concluded that she was unlawfully killed.

Her body was found when police were called to the property on Vicarage Lane shortly after midday.

The Winchester Coroner Court investigation heard that Mrs. Thompson, a speech therapist, suffocated and suffered 118 stab wounds.

Mr. Thompson denied killing her but confessed to the manslaughter at a court hearing.

He was arrested under Article 2 of the Mental Health Act

The Public Prosecution said the trial was canceled due to the death of the accused.


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