The diagnosis of Minnesota woman with “Covid-19” saved her life


A young woman from Minnesota learned that she had a rare form of cancer, after being diagnosed with the Coronavirus, according to reports.

McKenna Studer, who teaches at Mankato State University in North Star State, said she had contracted the virus and was unable to shake off the resentment.

“I kept getting worse and worse, and I had all the symptoms that you could get. I fainted and was vomiting everything I was trying to eat,” she said.

The college student’s temperature rose to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius) at one point, so Dr. Colt Williams of Mayo Clinic did a check-up and found out that Stodder had acute leukemia.

“You could argue that with some moves of fate, the diagnosis of” Covid-19 “was a blessing in disguise because he put her into the health care unit, where we were able to diagnose her condition very early in the course of the disease. She has some of the leukemia mutations that we see in 1%, Williams said. Only 1% of patients, so we are only talking about a small number of patients who are diagnosed in our country annually by the kind of genetic changes that we see in a disease called Makenna. “

Studer said she was surprised at her diagnosis, and “it was as if a truck had just hit me.”

But the student is a “fighter,” her mother says – and Studer, who is undergoing chemotherapy, is still optimistic.

“You just have to maintain this perspective and mentality, which considers every life a day as a blessing,” the young woman said.


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