Oklahoma couple’s first date ends with a chase and arrest


Pensacola, Fl

Tulsa Police say the couple’s first date ended with an overnight chase and arrest.

Shortly after midnight, an officer tried to stop a pickup truck near Sixth and Birmingham. Police say the truck finally stopped at the University of Tulsa campus.

A man and a woman were in the truck, and it appears they have met on a dating site. This was their first date, according to the woman.

TPD says it turns out the man, identified as Brandon Humbery, is wanted in Tahlequah.

He was arrested, and the woman was released. She told the officers that she did not know he was wanted.

Police say Hembree was incoherent when they arrested him, but it is unclear if he was under the influence.

Hembree faces evasion after formal conviction, obstruction of an officer, possession of marijuana, failure to stop at a stop sign, plus his detention without a warrant of arrest in Cherokee County where court records show five different traffic and / or drug cases against him.

He was held in Tulsa County Jail.


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