A Pensacola woman allowed five children to live in “disgusting” conditions


A Pensacola woman faces five counts of child neglect after lawmakers decide her home is dirty and unlivable.

Barbara Ann Farrell, 40, was arrested before being released on $ 12,500 bail.

The five children she was under her care have been taken out of her nursery.

According to the report of the Office of the Mayor of the Province of Escambia, after the deputies walked into the house they decided that the conditions are unfit for children.

The report states that the woman informed the MPs that she had been living at home for about a year and a half. She said she has little dogs in the house that she hasn’t cleaned yet.

According to the report, the deputies noticed while walking around the house “a sickening smell of mold, feces, urine and old garbage.”

The report states that MPs found piles of molded clothing, as well as infestations of cockroaches, mosquitos and fleas all over the house. They also found urine all over the floors and mounds of dog excrement.

The report also stated that the kitchen was covered in old fats, dried food, mosquitoes, flies, and dirty dishes.


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