The first shipment of the COVID vaccine arrives at Pensacola Naval Hospital


A historic day for northwest Florida, where a shipment of COVID-19 vaccine arrived early in the morning at Pensacola Naval Hospital.

The Naval Hospital will now start vaccinating its employee

Hospital officials said the shipment of vaccine met the hospital’s request.

Leader Jonathan Elliott said: “The concept of getting a vaccine now will propel us forward in the entire nation’s project to control the pandemic.” “It’s very exciting.”

The hospital says they have been their biggest advocates in telling the Ministry of Defense how a vaccine could benefit them.

In the end, the Department of Defense chose 16 locations – Pensacola was one of them.

The vaccine should be stored in a very cold temperature. It requires a special freezer, which the hospital says purchased before the shipment arrived.

After that, they will administer vaccinations. The hospital says it will happen .

“The vaccine is very safe and effective,” Elliott said, “but it is a personal decision at this point whether or not they want to receive the vaccine.”


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