Texas woman carrying $ 75,000 violent robbery


Pensacola, fl

A robbery took place in Harris County, Texas, where a thief attacked a woman who was carrying in her wallet an amount of $ 75,000.

According to a statement issued by Harris County Police, the incident occurred when a woman stopped her car in front of the gas station, and had previously withdrawn from the bank an amount of $ 75,000.

And apparently, the woman was being watched by two men who followed her to the gas station, where at first one of them attacked her and tried with all force to snatch the money purse from her, but she fiercely resisted him

A gas station employee noticed the robbery and tried to free it from the thief’s hands, and in these moments another thief came in a second car and tried hard to help his friend.

The local police report stated that one of the suspects in the attack was arrested at a later time, and the search for the other is underway.


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