A Fort Worth auto dealer found dead and lost 2 colleagues


Pensacola, Fl

 Police in Fort Worth are investigating the death of a woman at the auto show where she was working. She also lost two of her co-workers.

Officer Jimmy Polozani of the Fort Worth Police Department said that officers have been called to Bells Auto Sales at Block 4200 of Bainbrooke Highway

He did not clarify the nature of the call, but said that the officers who answered the call found the woman dead from an apparent gunshot wound to her upper torso.

Family members who have turned to social media for help said they believed the victim was one of two related women who worked for the agency.

Mason Lerson said his mother, aunt and boss lost their job at Bells Auto Sales Monday morning.

The shop closed sometime before 11 AM, although it was supposed to remain open until 6 PM. Their cars were still there, he said.

“It’s important to note that this is not normal behavior. My mom takes life-threatening medication and my aunt walks with a stick. He wrote on Facebook he just doesn’t disappear without letting his family know anything.

Tony Lewis said police later told the family that they believed the three employees were victims of a robbery. They are still waiting to know the identity of the woman who was found dead.

“But at the moment all we know is that it is a burglary murder and we discovered late last night that there is one dead body in the building and it is a female. Either it is my mother or my cousin and the other two are still missing. We don’t know exactly who yet. “They will not let us know who we are until the medical examiner contacts one of us,” she wrote on Facebook.

Officer Polozani confirmed that murder investigators were investigating. He described it as a very sad case, but he said he could not disclose any further details at this time.

He said the police are actively searching for two deceased co-workers.


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