A boy and baby are among 7 injured after a car crashes into a horse and the family’s cart


Seven members of the Mennonite family, including a 7-year-old child and a baby, were injured after a car collided with their horse and buggy, causing them to reach a ditch.

The accident happened around 5:15 pm. On East Sherman Hollow Road in Jerusalem, New York, just 50 miles southeast of Rochester, according to a press release from the Yates County Police Office.

Authorities explained that 24-year-old driver Justin Never was driving in the western lane behind the van when he tried to overtake.

When Nefer entered the oncoming lane toward the top of the hill, he saw another car driving in his direction, so he turned again into the western lane, according to officials.

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On his way back down the driveway, the Yates County sheriff’s office said, he broke into the wagon, throwing the family of seven from their cart into a field and ditch.

Rickshaw driver Matthew Sensing, 33, and his wife Katrina suffered head injuries from the accident, while their 7-year-old son Linnell, 7, sustained multiple serious injuries and their 7-month-old baby, Harlan, was internally injured.

Four people were airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, and three boys were taken to the same hospital by ambulance.

The family’s horse was also seriously injured and a local veterinarian was euthanized at the scene, according to the Yates County Police Office.

Sheriff Ron Spike updated the press release and announced that all seven of the Sinseng family members showed signs of improvement.

Meanwhile, Nevre, from Ben Yan, New York, was not injured in the accident. The mayor’s office said that authorities determined that he was not harmed while driving, but that charges are currently pending against him.

Sheriff Spike told CNN that these accusations will be decided upon after the authorities complete their investigation.

At the moment, it is unclear if Niver has maintained legal representation.


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