7 killed, 22 wounded in Texas shooting


Officials said that the death toll from a mass shooting carried out by a gunman in Midland and Odessa in western Texas rose from five to seven, and 22 others were still wounded.

Authorities said a man armed with an “AR weapon” was killed by police just moments before heading into a crowded movie theater, preventing what investigators said could have been an even more lethal rampage.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of these events,” the Texas governor said in a media briefing about the shooting. “I’m sick of people dying in Texas. A lot of Texans are in mourning. There is a need for action,” he said. “And we have to do it quickly.”

The shooting started after state soldiers tried to stop a car around 3:15 pm. On a freeway in Texas for failing to turn left.

Police say the gunman, described as a man in his mid-30s with a history of traffic offenses, escaped from the police and then stole a mail car and began shooting randomly at people along the highway and streets around Midland and Odessa.


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