2 dead, 5 wounded as a result of gunfire in the Michigan court


Pensacola, fl

Two Michigan state court personnel were killed and 5 people were injured, most of them civilians, in a near-court shooting accident.

The sheriff of the Perin district, where the court is located, said that the suspect who fired the shot was killed, indicating that the security forces had taken control of the situation.

Media also reported that a prisoner fired inside a Michigan courthouse with a weapon seized from a policeman

The police said that the man was about to take him to prison when he managed to steal one of the policemen’s pistol, and then he started shooting.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Berrien District, where the incident took place, added that the shooting resulted in the killing of two court clerks and the shooter, and one wounded.

The Michigan governor said police had restored security to court and had opened an investigation


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