Truck drivers kidnapped, tortured and murdered in South Florida


Pensacola, Fl

Authorities are trying to find who kidnapped, bound, tortured and murdered two truck drivers similar to the execution in Opa Luka last weekend.

According to The Miami Herald, Osmar Oliva, 50, Johan Gonzalez Quesada, 26, and another man were beaten and shot at close range. The third man, whose name has not been revealed, has survived the ordeal and is still in hospital in critical condition.

Oliva is owned by Oliva Delivery Corp., headquartered in Opa Luka.

Olivia was the father of three children and Quesada the father of two daughters, one of whom was born last month.

The three masked men were kidnapped, tied their hands to theirs, and tortured for hours in the back of a moving truck, according to the report. All of them were shot in the head and then thrown in the yard of a house. The surviving victim was able to report a bystander who called the police.


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