60 killed in a direct collision between a bus and an oil tanker


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Medical officials said that dozens of people on a bus in Pakistan were killed after it collided with an oil tanker traveling on the wrong side of the road.

Dr Simi Jamali said that at least 57 bodies were collected in Jinnah Hospital in Karachi, some of them burned to the point of being unrecognizable and kept stuck together.

They were killed when the bus they were in collided with an oil tanker that was allegedly speeding on the wrong side of the road. The bus was carrying 60 passengers. The BBC reported that some of those on the roof of the car saved themselves by jumping over it before the accident. According to Al-Jazeera, a police official said that a few passengers escaped by jumping from the windows.

The collision set the bus ablaze, and the tanker driver reportedly fled the scene. Dr Jamali said the death toll could rise.

The accident comes exactly two months after a bus and truck collided on a Pakistani road near Khairpur, killing 50 people, most of them women and children.

According to Pakistan Census Bureau data, about 4,500 Pakistanis are killed in traffic accidents every year


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