Why didn’t Kim Kardashian file for divorce from Kanye West because they live “separate lives?


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Reportedly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are “fighting” to “stay together as a couple” but there is no divorce planning “anytime soon”.

It doesn’t look like Kim Kardashian, 40, and Kanye West, 43, will get a divorce in the near future even though they are currently living a “separate life” and all because they are “satisfied” with how things are going in the present. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and rapper have been “fighting” for “months and months”, according to some sources, but they are “happy” with the way things are going with their children and staying in their favorite places, even if they are different countries.

“Kim and Kanye struggle to stay together as a couple and are spending some time now,” one source told HollywoodLife exclusively. “It doesn’t look like she’s actually going to file for divorce, at least anytime soon. They are really living separate lives right now and have a period.

Kim and Kanye share four children together, including North, 7, St., 5, Chicago, 2, and Psalm Baby 1, and although they reside primarily in Los Angeles with Kim, they often visit Kanye on his ranch in Wyoming. He lives part-time and makes music. “She is in Los Angeles most of the time and he spends most of his time, secretly as possible, in Wyoming with the team around him,” the source added. “He is there as much as he can be and loves her there. They both seem happy to do everything he does and so are the kids.”

“Kanye will always adore Kim. Another source exclusively told us that he loves her very much.” He doesn’t seem to be worried about losing Kim. Kim is also not planning to leave Kanye anytime soon. “

The husband and wife have raised rumors of divorce on more than one occasion in the past, and although they live in separate places, our source insists that their love for each other is strong and that they are “on the same page” about their current situation. The second source explained: “They are both on the same page because they live separate lives.” “This has actually been going on for months and months. They are still talking constantly and they both seem to be satisfied at the moment with the way things are going.”

The source added, “Kim loves Kanye just as much as Kanye loves her.” “It’s really the kind of love they have, but their marriage and their relationship is not a normal relationship. She is so happy to have children with her in Los Angeles close to her family and wants Kanye to be happy and take care of himself. If that means being in Wyoming now, she supports it.” “.

Kim and Kanye have been married since 2014 and lived a very public life during their years together. Some of their personal struggles have emerged as well, such as Kanye’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder, proving that they face regular hurdles just like everyone else. Kim has opened up about Kanye’s diagnosis several times over the past few years, including in an interview in May 2019, when she talked about how travel has affected him.

“Traveling a lot is fueling her, so he’s not traveling as much as he used to,” she told Vogue. “But honestly, I never want to talk about it, because I’m not on his mind. But I think some of the hurtful things you read on the internet…” What are you doing? It doesn’t stop him … “Like, it’s my fault if he does or says something they don’t agree with?”

“This is my husband,” she continued. “I share every opinion I have and let it know when I think something is wrong. Or if it comes to being in the middle of the bipolar ring, I will do everything to be supportive and help de-escalate the situation.”


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