San Francisco man arrested for stealing a vehicle 14 times in 18 months as DA linked to Soros claims too many people are in prison


Pensacola, Fl

San Francisco police last week apparently tried to make a point when they announced the arrest of a man caught for stealing a car 13 times in an 18-month period – and being released from prison repeatedly for repeating crimes.

That point must have been missed on Chesa Bowden, the attorney general who was elected last year with the help of funding from fellow billionaire George Soros. The suspect was released again. And now? He recorded his 14th arrest for car theft in 18 months after police in the Tenderloin area of ​​San Francisco spotted him again riding a motorcycle that was allegedly stolen.

“The same suspect continues to steal cars,” the police department tweeted early Friday morning. Tonight, he is back in custody due to his fourteenth arrest for stealing his car. Police added that the motorcycle had a stolen license plate, and its vehicle identification numbers had been removed.

It is assumed that the suspect is not arrested every time he steals, so there is no indication of how many vehicles he may have taken. Property crime is rampant in San Francisco, with more than 5,300 car thefts reported in the first 11 months of this year, a 33 percent increase over the 2019 pace, according to police data. Car burglary is more common. In 2017-2019, a car was broken into every 20 minutes on average.

Bowden is part of a wave of Soros-backed prosecutors across the United States who are reducing crime enforcement. After his election, he almost immediately fired the veteran prosecutors of the DA office. The son of far-left extremists Weather Underground who was jailed for murder when he was 14 months old, Bowden has spoken out against mass incarceration and racial disparities in criminal justice. His plan to “quickly dismantle” has been sped up due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The prison population in San Francisco has been reduced to 600 from 1,100. Prosecutions for so-called quality of life crimes, such as prostitution, public urination and sidewalk blocking, are also prohibited.

The result, according to some observers, is increased chaos. “The city was a treasure,” one commentator said on Twitter. “It’s now full of aggressive and dangerous drugs and dirty streets where it’s really scary to walk on the sidewalks in the daytime.”

The news of the fourteenth arrest of the chain-drive shooter only exacerbated such frustrations. MMA Jake Shields fighter tweeted: “You can’t even get it right.” Another observer said, “This is like a skit in some comedies, when it was funny. Soon after, all they will stay with are the criminals and wealthy elites in closed societies wondering where the taxable income has gone.”

Twitter users speculated that the car thief would return to the street by the end of the week and soon arrive at Detention Center No. 15. One observer sarcastically suggested that the suspect should be a professional escape artist and still be released from prison.

“I can’t wait for the movie,” he said. “I mean, the only alternative is some idiots keep intentionally letting him out of jail. But that would be stupid.”


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