Nude Madonna calls Coronavirus a “great equalizer” in a bizarre video, inspiring instant irony


A video of a nude Madonna emotionally saying that the Coronavirus “made us all equal” while in the bathtub, as people are confused and mocked by the “Like a Prayer” singer.

“It’s a great equalizer, and the bad thing about it is the cool thing about it,” Madonna said about the Corona virus in the video, which was posted on her Twitter account.

“The terrible thing about it is that he made us all equal in so many ways, and the great thing about it is that he made us all equal in so many ways,” the singer said from the bathtub adorned with petals. In her comment on the video, she described the fast-spreading disease as “no distinction to Covid-19”.

She might appear dazed in the video, but that didn’t make many take her words seriously.

Popular Twitter user and meme generator Carpe Donktum responded with his own video about Coronavirus which makes us “equal”, as it was filmed in a bathroom not of the same standard that Madonna portrayed in the video.

He tweeted with the video: “You inspire me.”

Madonna is not the first celebrity to put out a public service announcement-style video in response to the spread of the Coronavirus, only to be mocked. “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot and others recently put together a mix-up show of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and quickly discovered the positive vibes video became fuel for parody.


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