Man arrested for raiding the airport runway and climbing the wing of an overcrowded airliner in Las Vegas (video)


Pensacola, Fl

Astonished passengers noticed an intruder climbed into the wing of a plane that was preparing to take off from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

A video filmed by a passenger and first published by KTNV 13 Action News shows a man walking back and forth on the wing of an Alaska Airlines airliner in Portland. At some point, the man descends on one knee and makes a gesture known as “turning the hand” toward the sky. Then he lies on his stomach and begins to crawl slowly.

The officers approached the plane, but the man briefly raised his hands and quietly continued to lie on the wing. “They have an electric taser!” A woman can be heard saying.

The intruder is finally caught. It is unclear who he was and how exactly he managed to get onto the ward.

Lt. Ken Nogel of the Metropolitan Police Department said the suspect had apparently jumped the surrounding fence before approaching the plane, possibly suffering from “weakness or mental illness”.

In a statement provided to the media, Alaska Airlines said everyone was fine and that the plane had “returned to the gate for a full inspection.”


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