Madonna showing her pink hair


Pensacola, Fl

Madonna loves to express herself and her latest hair color is definitely a testament to this.

The 62-year-old pop legend shared some selfish showing her new pink hair in the color of cotton candy and matching lipstick, and she urged her fans to vote in the polls.

Lest you think her bold shift in color was the result of a filter, song maker “Material Girl” went on to share several more shots of her bold, bright strings – which color designer Nicola Clarke achieved with Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream in Candy Floss ($ 11.96).

Clarke shared on Instagram: “I mixed and tested my pinks but ended up using [Crazy Color]”. “It was soft, beautiful, and perfect pink.”

Chameleon defining style and beauty, Madonna has experimented with a wide range of hair colors over the decades of her career, ranging from fiery red to jet black to platinum blonde.

And she’s barely the first star to dip pink recently; Kaia Gerber, Faith Hill, and Joe Jonas all recently debuted Rosy Dos as well, while Gwen Stefani returned to a hot pink dye job in the 1990s to film her campaign


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