Ashanti tests positive for corona virus


Pensacola, Fl

Singer-songwriter Ashanti said on social media that she had tested positive for the Coronavirus and had to cancel a show this weekend.

“We are all experiencing lessons in life … and we hope this serves as a lesson in that this epidemic is so real … Thank you very much, guys for all your love and prayers … Thank you to everyone who supports Verso … so much love for keyshiacole and we’ll see you all On Jan 9 !!! 2021 Empowering Women @verzuztvapplemusic @ femmeitforward, the 40-year-old artist said in a post on Instagram

Verzuz’s canceled show was to be broadcast online and Ashanti and Keyshia Cole performed in person. Postponed to January 9th.

The event’s Twitter account said Saturday: “Unfortunately, we have to postpone #VERZUZ tonight. Ashanti tested positive for COVID-19, we cannot put anyone at risk in the process. The first time, we were shocked by this close to the show date. We apologize. To our wonderful fans! ”

The news broke on the same day that country music legend Charlie Braid passed away from complications from COVID-19. He was 86 years old.


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