A plane crew forces a family to leave it, due to the child’s refusal to wear a muzzle


Pensacola, fl

A family was expelled from a US plane, due to the refusal of their two-year-old daughter to wear the muzzle as a precaution against Corona.

According to the newspaper, the accident occurred at Denver Airport, after the family of three boarded the plane in preparation for the United Airlines flight, the parents tried to put a medical mask on the face of their two-year-old daughter, but they did not succeed, as she resisted the child strongly, and did not Mask bounce.

Just before take-off, a flight attendant approached the parents and told them to leave the plane. The husband tried to explain the situation to the employee, but she did not change her mind.

For her part, the mother of the child wrote in a post on her “Instagram” that “after being removed from the trip, she felt confused, stunned, disgusted and humiliated.”

In turn, sources from United Airlines told “The Sun” newspaper that the company’s top priority is the health and safety of its employees and customers, and that wearing a mask is mandatory for all passengers aged two years and over.

The company’s sources also indicated that it had contacted the family, returned tickets and luggage, and an investigation was underway.


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