A gunman kills 26 people in Texas church


Pensacola, fl

Visitors to Sutherland Church in springs, Texas, had an unfortunate accident, after a gunman opened fire on them, killing 26 people.

Officials stated that the ages of the accident victims ranged between 5 and 72 years, becoming one of the deadliest accidents in the state’s history, and the media described the perpetrator of the accident as a “Texas butcher” … who is he?

According to security sources, the “Texas serial killer” is named Devin Kelly, who is 26 years old. Police forces found his body after a short car chase, then committed suicide with a gunshot, according to a recent Texas police statement.

Kelly was serving in the US Air Force between 2010 and 2014, but he was fired for committing an act of dishonor and was transferred to a court-martial, but officials denied that he had any connection to terrorist groups.


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