20 killed in a shooting at El Paso and Walmart


Pensacola, Fl

A mass shooting kills 20 and injures at least 26 – including some Mexican nationals – at the Walmart Super Center in El Paso, Texas, crowded with thousands of shoppers.

At a press conference with the governor, the sheriff said that a 21-year-old man from Allen, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, was arrested in connection with the shooting in the West Texas town bordering Mexico. Other elected officials and law enforcement.

Several media outlets identified the suspect as Patrick Croceus. A person with that name enrolled at Cullen College in McKinney, Texas

The Municipal College confirmed, adding that it is “prepared to fully cooperate with state and federal authorities in this investigation into this meaningless tragedy.”

The shooter was arrested without police firing a bullet at 11:06 a.m., 21 minutes after police received their first gun notification.

A racist statement was found online but Allen said they could not confirm the suspect was connected to him. Allen said they were investigating the matter as a hate crime, but FBI officials said it was too early for an investigation to determine the motive.

The suspect is facing charges of premeditated murder and, if convicted, will likely be sentenced to death. It is also possible to prosecute federal hate crimes.

Rep. Veronica Escobar, from Texas, said that while the investigation into this case continues, there have been too many cases recently where the people behind the attack had a racist agenda.

Escobar, who represents El Paso, said the account of the statement is fueled by hatred, fueled by racism, bigotry and division. “This is someone who came from outside our community to harm us.”

Facebook and Instagram accounts bearing the suspect’s name have been removed.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “Content that praises, supports, or represents shootings or anyone responsible violates our community standards and we will continue to remove it once identified.”

I have been asked how to prepare for this. “You don’t,” said de Margo, the mayor of El Paso, during a second press conference on Saturday evening.

He indicated that the suspect was not from the area. “Nobody in El Paso would have done anything like this,” he said.

At his previous press conference, Abbott urged Texans to pray and use the power of prayer.

“Whatever race you are, now is the time for Texans to come together and support each other, help your families in need, and make sure El Paso can take a step forward that you must take,” said Abbott, who ordered flags for the hour. Half of the staff until Thursday.

According to a video posted on Twitter of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, three of the dead were Mexican citizens. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard wrote on Twitter that at least six Mexicans were injured.

Hospital spokesman Ryan Milky said the victims had been taken to various hospitals. UMC has received at least 13 “Level 1” casualties, the most severe level. Their ages ranged from two years to the elderly. Spokesman Victor Guerrero said 11 other victims were taken to Del Sol Medical Center, aged between 35 and 82 years.

The authorities or hospitals did not provide the names of the injured or dead victims.

El Paso Police issued an urgent call to donate blood on Twitter.

Police set up a reunification center to find loved ones at MacArthur Elementary Middle School.

“It is an absolute tragedy,” the mayor said. “The scene is contained as it is now. There is no danger at this moment.”

Police first got a notice at 10:39 am “We’re looking at several scenes, but primarily Walmart,” the Sgt said. Enrique Carrillo said. “There is no imminent threat. No shooter is currently active.”

Police were seen looking at a late-model car near the scene. The box and the doors were open, but no one was inside.

Abbott, said the Texas legislature passed several bills earlier this year addressing mental health in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting in the Houston area. They also took steps to improve school safety, and took testimonials from teachers. But he said they did not plan to have an accident in a shopping mall like this.


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