4 women from Peoria killed in a car accident


Pensacola, Fl

Teachers and staff at a central Illinois high school mourned the deaths of four young women at the weekend, who were killed when their vehicle left a road and collided with a tree.

All four women killed in the Peoria crash were Manuel Academy alumni, identified by authorities as Jasman Burns, 22, 2016 graduate; Quanylan Thomas, 19 years old, 2019 graduate; And the two children, Taisha Thomas and Diamond Williams, who are 18 years old, both of whom are 2020 graduates.

“Losing one life is tragic; four from one event is unreasonable.” Said Jimmy Harwood, Peoria County pathologist.

Peoria police said the car carrying the women was traveling at high speed around 3:45 am Sunday when the driver lost control and collided with a tree, the Journal Star reported.

And announced the death of the four at the scene. The police and the coroner’s office continue to investigate the fatal accident. Autopsy and toxicology tests were pending.


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