Vacationing In Pensacola


Pensacola, fl

Pensacola, Florida is a great spot for vacation, it’s the further most western city in Florida. Pensacola stakes its claim as one of the oldest cities in America, established back in 1559. Pensacola has grown in to a large community of more than 50,000 people. With this growing community more and more great businesses have been formed, some well known, but some are local secrets. However, there are three places someone vacationing in Pensacola should be sure not to miss.

The most obvious place one should go do when coming to Pensacola is the beach. This is a no brainer. Pensacola Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Florida and is known for its perfect white sand. At Pensacola Beach there is an assortment of shops, restaurants, and musical performances. Make sure to grab an umbrella and sunscreen because Pensacola is in a sub-tropical environment and is usually nice and sunny. Take a tip from the locals and set up an ENO Hammock. Stretch the ENO up on the posts under the pier. The ENO Hammock provides a great place to relax and the pier provides needed shade. Many people may spend most of their time just on the beautiful beach, but there is much more in Pensacola proper.

After the beach, pack up and go eat dinner at McGuire’s Irish Pub Restaurant. This is one of the most unique restaurants Pensacola has to offer. With a fun staff and a great Irish environment, memories can be made that won’t be forgotten. Plan to bring back a souvenir from the restaurant or gift shop. One of the best souvenirs is an Irish Wake Mason Jar. The Irish Wake Mason Jar comes free when you order the Irish Wake drink. This is a drink so strong they limit it to 3 drinks each, so be careful. Also, ask the wait staff about the history of McGuire’s. They will relate the whole story while playing a tune on the bagpipes. Before leaving the restaurant however, remember to ask about putting a dollar on the ceiling or wall. At McGuire’s people write their names or a message on a dollar bill and hang it up. It’s impressive when walking into the restaurant to see over a million dollar bills hanging up with little messages from all over the world. After a great dinner, get ready for some night life.

It’s time to walk down historic Palafox Street and enjoy Gallery Night. Palafox is the heart of downtown Pensacola. There are so many shops and museums to see. Downtown can be pretty fun regularly but if one wants the real Pensacola experience make sure to go on the third Friday of the month. This is locally known as Gallery Night. The locals and tourists alike come downtown to mingle, watch live street performers, play games, shop, and visit vendors. Some Pensacola locals, who previously lived in New Orleans before hurricane Katrina forced them to move, compare Palafox Street on Gallery Night to what Bourbon Street used to be like before it became so big and well known. Palafox and Gallery Night is all about meeting new people, having a beer with friends, and taking part in the fun games the city of Pensacola provides for the people.

Pensacola is a beautiful old Southern town with a great history. Some vacationers can just go to the white sand beach and happily stay there the whole time, but there is more to Pensacola. Go have a great meal at McGuire’s Irish Restaurant then mingle with the locals on Palafox Street. Go on Gallery Night if at all possible. Pensacola really cannot be beat for a vacationer’s paradise!


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