United States executes a truck driver in Louisiana who killed his daughter, 2


Atlanta, ga

The Trump administration continued its unprecedented series of federal executions after the election on Friday by executing a Louisiana truck driver who severely abused his two-year-old daughter for weeks in 2002, then killed her by hitting her head with truck windows and dashboard. .

The death of Alfred Bourgeois, 56, is announced at 8:21 pm. Eastern Time after receiving a lethal injection at Federal Prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

His attorneys argued that Bourgeois had an IQ that placed him in the category of mentally disabled, saying that should have rendered him ineligible for the death penalty under federal law. Victor J. Abreu said it was “shameful” to execute his client “without fair consideration of his mental disability”.

In his last words, Bourgeois offered no apology and instead gave an extremely defiant tone, insisting that he neither murdered nor sexually abused a child. “I ask God to forgive everyone who conspired against me, sinned against me and planted false evidence.” He added, “I did not commit this crime.”

Bourgeois was the 10th federal prisoner on death row to be executed since President Donald Trump’s federal executions resumed in July after a 17-year hiatus. He is the second federal prisoner to be executed this week, with three more executions planned in January.

When the lethal injection of pentobarbital began to flow through a vein in both arms, Bourgeois tilted his head to the side to look at his spiritual counselor standing in the corner of the death room clutching a little gospel. Bourgeois gave him his thumb signal, and his spiritual guide raised his thumb in response.

Seconds later, Bourgeois looked at the glass separating him from the media and other witnesses in the adjacent rooms, then appeared to frown and pierce his eyebrow. He began to exhale regularly for a minute and then his stomach began to shiver uncontrollably. After about five minutes, his stomach stopped and his whole body was completely still. He did not move for 20 minutes before announcing his death.

Bourgeois had met his spiritual advisor earlier on Friday as he sought to reconcile with the possibility of his death, and was also praying, Sean Nolan, one of his attorneys, told the Associated Press just hours before his execution. He said that Bourgeois was “praying for redemption”.

United States executes a truck driver in Louisiana who killed his daughter, 2

The last time the number of civilians executed federally was in double figures within a single year under President Grover Cleveland, it numbered 14 in 1896.

The series of executions under Trump since Election Day, the first in late November, is also the first time in more than 130 years that federal executions have been carried out during the lame duck period. Cleveland was also the last president to do so.


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