Two girls killed in a house fire in a suburb, and four adults were injured


Pensacola, Fl

Two girls, aged five and eight, were killed in a suburban house fire in Lake County, Ingleside fire officials said.

Four adults were also injured in the fire and were taken to hospital.

When we got to the scene, the house was completely on fire from the first and second floors. “The fire started coming out of the attic and rooftop area as well. Once we got to the scene, we realized we had three casualties in the front yard,” said Ingleside Deputy Fire Chief Ed Lescher.

The three victims had burns from smoke inhalation, Lescher said.

“We also learned that there is still another woman inside the house, plus two children, inside the house,” Lescher said.

When firefighters entered the house, they were able to locate the adult woman. After taking it out of the house, they went back, when the back of the house was completely set ablaze.

After several attempts and defensive tactics, firefighters were able to locate the two children in the house, who unfortunately passed away.

“When I spoke to one of the homeowners in the front yard, they said there was a woman and two kids in the house as well, so it’s very taxing for our staff and very stressful,” said Lescher.

At this time, it is not known how the fire started. It is currently under investigation.


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