5 cyclists killed, 3 injured in a crash on the Nevada Highway


Pensacola, Fl

Five cyclists were killed and three others injured in a box truck accident on US Interstate 95 north of Searchlight, officials of the Nevada Highway Patrol said.

The authorities said that the truck driver remained at the scene of the accident, and commercial units were called to inspect the car’s brakes, tires and general functions after the accident, 9:40 am.

Nevada State Department of Transportation spokesman Tony Elia said the truck collided with an escort vehicle that was following a group of about 20 passengers. Officials had initially reported four injuries, except for those who died.

The group was on an informal trip to celebrate the retirement of a cyclist.

Witnesses told authorities that the truck shocked cyclists after crossing into the bike lane.

Highway Patrol officials said the driver was not believed to have been obstructed at the time of the accident.

A video clip from the scene showed a white truck parked on the side of the highway with damage to the front end.

Authorities said five cyclists died at the scene. Their names were not immediately revealed.

They said that one of the injured riders was airlifted to hospital in critical condition, while another was transported in an ambulance in critical condition. A third cyclist was slightly injured.


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