3 children die as a result of hurricanes in southern U.S


Pensacola, fl

Destructive hurricanes swept through the south of the United States of America, killing three children, and threatening heavy rains in multiple areas from New York to Atlanta.

More than 100 million people from central US states to the East Coast have received warnings of severe thunderstorms and other hurricanes, said Bob Oravic, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

The website “FlightAir”, to monitor air traffic, said that about six thousand flights in the United States were canceled or postponed, noting that most of the difficulties exist in the cities of Dallas, Charlotte and Chicago.

Oravic said 17 hurricanes had been reported from the south from Texas to Alabama.

A spokeswoman for the Angelina County Sheriff of Texas said that two young brothers (3 and 8 years old) were killed when a tree fell on a car they were in in Pollock.

The deputy chief of police for Ouachita County, Louisiana, said a 13-year-old boy drowned when he fell into a flooded sewage canal near Monroe County.


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