A father in California beheaded 2 of his children and forced his brothers to see the bodies over a period of 5 days


Pensacola, Fl

 Prosecutors released shocking new details in the case of a California man accused of beheading two of his children.

Maurice Joel Taylor Sr., 34, of Lancaster, has been charged with two counts each of murder and child abuse, according to a Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office press release.

Prosecutors said Taylor is accused of stabbing two of his sons, a 12-year-old son known as Maurice T. And a 13-year-old daughter known as Maliaka T.

He is also accused of ill-treating his two other children, aged 8 and 9.

Taylor is accused of showing the bodies of his young sons the bodies of their dismembered siblings sometime during the five-day period between the time they were killed and the time they were discovered dead. Prosecutors said the boys were forced to stay in their bedrooms for several days, as they received no food.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that MPs were initially called home after receiving a report of a gas leak.

That was when they found the two murdered children, who had suffered “some kind of acute trauma,” according to Sheriff Lt. Brandon Dean. He said the shock came from a “stabbing or slicing device”.

Taylor has yet to contest the charges. He was due to be charged on Tuesday but lasted until December 21.

The statement stated that, if convicted of the charges, he faces a maximum penalty of at least 57 years in life imprisonment. Taylor is on bail of $ 4.2 million.


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