A Californian father cut off the heads of his two children and kept them at home


Pensacola, fl

Police have arrested a man who works as a personal trainer, accused of the murder of his two children, after they were found beheaded at home, in Lancaster, California.

The man, a personal trainer, was arrested after firefighters accidentally discovered the two bodies inside the house, after receiving reports of a gas leak in the man’s house.

The Los Angeles County Police Department said homicide investigators are investigating the deaths of a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl.

The investigators said that the bodies of the victims had wounds and stabs, in addition to being separated from the head, and that the man had kept them for five days inside the house with his two younger sons, ages 8 and 9.

Lieutenant Brandon Dean said that the bodies of the two children were found in separate bedrooms in the house, “It was a very brutal act.”

The authorities said that the man Taylor, 34, was arrested on suspicion of committing a murder, and his trial will take place on the 21st of this month.

According to the sources, Taylor’s clients and clients, who worked with them at the Physical Therapy and Fitness Center in Santa Monica, expressed their concern after he was absent for a while and the remote training sessions were not identified via the video feature, and they were concerned about a gas leak in the house, and they asked the authorities to verify Home to check on the family.

Agents noted that Taylor was a diligent, kind personal trainer and had no signs of thirst for violence.


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