Detroit’s mother dies of COVID-19 days after giving birth


Pensacola, Fl

A Detroit mother lost her battle with COVID-19 shortly after giving birth. The 33-year-old died before she could even conceive her newborn son.

“They lost the most valuable thing they could have,” said Miguel Aviles.

Days after Erika Beccera gave birth to her baby, Diego, she passed away from COVID-19. Doctors at Henry Ford Hospital caused labor as the virus took control.

Her brother Aviles said, “She was able to hold him and talk to him for a little while and her condition did not improve, so they put her on a ventilator.”

He says nobody knows what Erica was whispering into her new baby’s ear before she took him away. He never caught Covid, but Beccera got worse – I knew it wasn’t good.

“You could see her crying, she was torn until the last moments of her life,” said Aviles.

Her family made the difficult decision to take her off the ventilator

After we decided to relieve her from the medication, you could see the difference in her face, you could see her relax, and you could tell her that she was in pain, “he said.

Miguel says his sister did not have any medical conditions. She left behind a husband – and he’s now a single father raising a one-year-old named Erika and a newborn.

“It’s more powerful than I thought it would be,” said Aviles. “But sooner or later it will turn into reality with what’s going on.” “Her happiness was to see everyone happy.”

These kids fell in love with the harsh reality they would never know their mom.

“A lot of people say this pandemic is a hoax, but until it happens to them or their families, they will know what the pain really is,” said Aviles.


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