A woman who survived a fall in a volcanic jet describes her terrifying experience


Pensacola, fl

Authorities said that a woman from Oregon, USA, who was skiing on Mount Hood, fell into the mouth of a volcano covered in snow, and managed to escape from the terrifying accident.

The Clackamas County Police Office said Caroline Sundbaum, 35, from Portland, was skiing with her husband on Mt. Hood when she plunged into a volcanic jet, an opening near a volcano that released steam and gases.

Sundbaum said she was afraid she would die.

It felt like someone pulling a chair from under you, she said. I was terrified – so worried that snow would fall on me and suffocate me. “

She reported that she sat on the slope while waiting for her husband to return from the summit, so that they could ski together again.

Another climber saw a seated Soundbaum and noticed her disappearance

The mayor’s office said he then rushed to rescue her by lowering a rope and returning her to safety.

He said that Sundbaum injured her in the shoulder and she is lucky to be removed in time as the volcanic jet has toxic air that can lead to death.


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