25 killed and injured in a car crash during a student show in Oklahoma


Pensacola, fl

Three people were killed and 22 others were injured, as a car broke into a crowd while attending an Oklahoma State University parade in Stillwater.

The city police official said that a woman named Adasia Avery Chambers, a resident of “Stillwater”, was arrested following the accident, the circumstances of which were not immediately clear.

He pointed out that all the wounded were taken to a medical center in the city, eight of them are in critical condition, and seven are in serious condition, while the cases of seven others were described as moderate.

Oklahoma State University spokeswoman, Cary Hosley Green, confirmed that an accident occurred during the student parade, but she did not disclose any additional information about the incident.And final year student Paul Simms said he was watching the end of the parade, accompanied by his daughter, when a car caught in the crowd that was standing opposite


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