Utah police shoot a child with autism to take him to the hospital


Pensacola, fl

Utah State Police released a video clip showing the moment two police officers shot a 13-year-old boy who suffers from autism, after his mother asked for help to get him into the hospital.

After the Salt Lake City police received a phone call in which the child’s mother asked for help to get her baby in the hospital, and she was surprised at the way the police officers treated her child.

The video, which was published, shows the two police officers chasing the child down a narrow alley, after they arrived at his home, asking him to lie on the ground.

The child collapsed after hearing about 11 bullets fired by the two policemen at him.

The video also shows a discussion between the two policemen about whether or not they will approach the boy, as they were worried that the accident might result in gunfire.

The video did not show whether the boy was carrying any weapons, and the police did not mention anything about them in their report


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