One person was killed and a number injured in a mass shooting in Seattle


Pensacola, Fl

Police said at least one person was killed and five others seriously injured after a shooting in downtown Seattle, near a popular tourist spot.

And local media said that at least one suspect was being searched for in connection with the mass shooting, which occurred near a McDonald’s fast food restaurant, just blocks from the Pike Place market.

This is the third shooting in the area in less than two days.

“The officers were investigating the shooting near 4 and Pine,” the Seattle Police Department said in a tweet on Twitter. “Many victims. The suspect fled and the police are looking for him. Officers and paramedics are providing first aid to the injured.”

Local media quoted Police Chief Carmen Best as saying that one person was killed and five others, including a child, were seriously injured in the shooting, which occurred shortly after 5 pm.

Police have ordered people to stay out of the area and close a subway station while they search for a suspect.

Tyler Parsons, an employee of Victrola Coffee Roasters, told the Seattle Times that he was working when he suddenly saw victims fall to the ground with the thunder of bullets.

He said that several people ran to his shop to find shelter and saw two gunshot victims.

“The shooting was a bit terrifying,” he told the newspaper. “It’s terrifying, it’s so close.


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