Cleveland lady kills a man who tried to assault her son


Pensacola, fl

A woman shot her companion inside a children’s playground, after he attacked her son.

Before the accident, the duo was arguing so violently that the man tried to strangle the lady, who managed to escape from him to shout that they called the police.

Upon entering the games area, her 14-year-old son noticed the fear in his mother’s face, to go to the attacker, trying to stop him from his mother.

The man swooped on the son, knocked him to the ground and kept kicking and striking him until he nearly killed him, according to eyewitnesses.

In defense of her son, the woman had to use her firearm and fire two bullets at her companion and kill him.

It is reported that the woman has not been charged as she was defending her child against man’s violence, and her weapon was found to be actually licensed.

The authorities stated that the dead man had a long record of violence towards women and children for years, and that he was imprisoned after the attack on his 16-month-old daughter, causing her severe head injuries.


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