Removing hair for women


Hair removal methods Every woman seeks to preserve her beauty and femininity, and smooth, hair-free skin is an important part of this beauty, and it is also part of personal hygiene, so women strive in every way to get rid of it, and there are many of these methods, including removing hair by razor, or by laser sessions, Or hair removal creams, or sugar (the sweetness of hair), and this is what we will talk about in detail. Hair sweetness The method of removing hair with sweetness or sugar and lemon is one of the oldest known methods, and is characterized by its strong effect in removing hair, as it removes hair from its roots and lasts for up to six weeks, and can be used all over the body, and its advantages are that it makes the skin soft to touch, and from Its disadvantages are that it is very painful, especially for women with sensitive skin, and despite all its advantages, some medical studies indicate that it may cause the skin to relax for those who use it a lot because of sugar, and it may also cause the appearance of varicose veins, but there is no objection to using it at long intervals without proliferation

Methods of making sweetness at home The first method This method is one of the most known methods, and its components.

 Ingredients: a tablespoon of original honey. Juice of one lemon. A small cup of water. A small cup of sugar. Method of preparation and use: The method of preparation and use depends on these steps: Bring a suitable container (pot) and put the water and sugar in it, then leave them on the fire until the mixture is slightly mixed, and after it starts to boil add lemon juice, then stir the mixture a little over a medium heat, Then calm down the fire to the lowest degree and leave them for half an hour, after which turn off the fire. After that, empty the mixture into a glass dish and leave it until it cools and becomes sticky, then store it in a transparent plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. If you want to use this sweetness, take it out of the refrigerator the night before, then wet it with a little water just to make it soft. Wash your skin of oils before using them. We recommend that you apply baby powder before removing hair with sweetness, because it has an effect that prevents irritation and irritation of your skin. Pull the hair in the direction of the hair growth, so that the hair does not grow again incorrectly. Make sure to remove hair lightly and quickly so that you do not feel pain. After the hair is removed, apply another layer of baby powder. Wash your skin after two hours have passed, and apply a suitable moisturizing cream to it


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