Fire in a historic New York City church that houses the Liberty Bell


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A fire broke out in a 128-year-old church in New York City, destroying the church’s interior and its glass windows

The fire started in the early hours of an empty building next to the famous historic Middle Collegiate Church.

The fire did not cause any casualties, but four firefighters were lightly injured until they managed to extinguish the fire. The US authorities quickly opened an investigation to find out the causes of the fire.

Reports quoted Assistant Fire Chief John Hodgins as saying that rebuilding the church will be a difficult task

The main Protestant church was completed in 1892 and houses the New York Freedom Bell, so named because it was the bell that rang to celebrate the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776.

This famous bell was made in 1729 in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. It is said to be about 25 years earlier than the famous Liberty Bell, which rang in Philadelphia and became a famous symbol of the American Revolution. It is not clear whether the famous New York Freedom Bell was damaged in the fire.

Church staff thanked the citizens for their support and assistance after the fire, and expressed their “deep sorrow” for what happened.

Some of them tweeted, “The church is not just a building, but the buildings remain important. This is the home.” And they published a link through which they could donate money to rebuild the church.

Jules Jimene, one of the pastors and rites of the church, said it is a Notre Dame church for us, referring to the fire that destroyed the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris before

Gemini added: “Just as the French did, we will rebuild our church as well


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