A woman and her son were shot dead in Las Vegas


Pensacola, fl

His master and son were killed by a drug addict in Las Vegas

Initial investigations indicate that the perpetrator resides in one of the adjacent apartments, and following the repeated complaint of the residents of the building against the perpetrator, drug abuser due to repeated inconvenience and the perpetrator’s erroneous belief that the complaint was submitted by the woman’s family, where the perpetrator went to the family apartment and shot the woman, her daughter and the maid, which resulted in To the death of the woman and the maid, and her daughter’s injury by 7 bullets in the chest area, and her health condition is serious

The woman’s son died later after the perpetrator had kidnapped him and after the police had attended an exchange of fire with the perpetrator, killing the perpetrator and the child. The woman’s daughter was transferred to the hospital for treatment.


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