Warnings of exposure of the United States to an environmental disaster


Pensacola, fl

ABC News reported that, with the onset of the rainy season in California, a “giant marine storm” may begin, whose consequences will be more dangerous than the usual earthquakes and wildfires on the American West Coast.

And the channel published an article saying that the torrential rain, may continue in California for a whole month. In this case, the state will receive between three to six meters of rain, and the major cities in the region will fall under a layer of water five meters high.

The disaster will hit the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento, and this will lead to thousands of landslides, breaching large dams, and agriculture will suffer huge damage.

The author of the article described the scene by saying: “It may seem like a scene from a catastrophic movie, but such a storm is not only possible, but it actually happened.” He noted that “a very huge storm” hit California in the winter of 1861-1862. It was marked by a record number of casualties and destruction.

The article quoted seismologist Lucy Jones: “Floods flooded a quarter of California’s homes. They destroyed a third of California’s taxable land, and the storm bankrupted the state.”

Climate scientist Daniel Swain said that the rains, which lasted for several weeks, flooded the center of the valley with water, which led to the formation of an entire inland sea, 65 km in width and 240 km in length.

According to him, the natural disaster killed one percent of California’s population, who at that time numbered 400,000.


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